Our Work

Techstars LA

Techstars LA is a startup accelerator focused on finding technology-focused startups for its accelerator program. To help Techstars find potential targets for their 2020 accelerator, we conducted initial diligence and research on many companies in the LA area, resulting in an overall list of fifteen potential targets for the program. The Bruin Ventures team created profiles for and conducted analysis on each of the companies to present to the Techstars team.


Suki is an AI-powered voice assistant for doctors. Dubbed "Alexa for doctors," Suki aims to help doctors and healthcare professionals be more productive and spend less time in their administrative tasks. In the first quarter of a two quarter long project, BV members on the project analyzed customer data. In the second quarter of the project, the team analyzed the AI digital assistant market to determine what factors set Suki apart from its competitors. The team then looked into international expansion opportunities for Suki and how to tap into them.

Ripple Ventures

Ripple Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Toronto, Canada. For the firm, Bruin Ventures performed a deep-dive into product-led growth companies. The team started by researching and analyzing 15+ product-led growth companies to understand why they either succeeded or failed. After synthesizing the key takeaways from each case study, the team created a comprehensive guide about product-led growth companies for Ripple Ventures.

Haystack Search

Haystack Search is an early-stage big data startup aiming to bring business back to retail by allowing customers to search the shelves of all stores around them. For Haystack Search, we studied the North American market of point of sale (POS) software, including the market concentration of the major players, the global market size, the key market drivers, and the most common POS features. This was supplemented by a 40-page overview of the 14 largest players in the POS market and a list of their customers.

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